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I’m 36, diagnosed at 33. Getting the right treatment is frustrating. In my case, the frustration lies with the tight laws and ridiculously higher prices on controlled substances like Adderall thanks to rampant meth abuse in my state (I’m in Missouri). My local CVS pharmacist even quit taking the SingleCare discount card, which helped me afford my medication, thanks to these stupid laws. I got treated like a drug addict and I legitimately have the condition.

I take Adderall IR but I don’t find it as effective as the Adderall XR. I responded SO MUCH BETTER to the XR because my body metabolizes the IR faster. I’ve tried Ritalin, but I didn’t see a difference, and Vyvanse is off the charts too expensive. I had to stop taking the Adderall XR because of the expense ($160/month for a 3- day supply), and the IR is still about $40-50/month for me. I’m a teacher, and my insurance is terrible. I have a high deductible HSA ($6550) that my employer does NOT contribute to, I can’t afford a buy-up PPO plan through my employer (it’s OVER $200/month extra for just myself), and I can’t afford anything off the marketplace. I can’t go on my husband’s PPO because opting out of my school insurance will hurt what I contribute to my Missouri teacher retirement, and I can’t even use his PPO as secondary insurance because my HSA insurance doesn’t allow it. I can’t even afford to see a therapist that specializes in ADHD because my insurance sucks so bad.

It’s all just unreasonably ridiculous. I feel your frustration every single day. I feel it when I get treated like a drug addict for wanting to AFFORD my medication and when I needed to find a new doctor because my old one closed down his practice. I feel the frustration when I’m barely surviving and functioning at both home and my job. I NEED the medication that WORKS but I can’t have it because of all the red tape and inability to afford it.