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I can!!

What’s up, I’m Kendall. I’ve been there (I’m still in the same position in college) in high school. Not that far removed from it though since I graduated about a year and a half ago. But yeah I’m bored in one of my classes too. My Biology Lab just drags on & I’m lost with the material sometimes (IT’S 3 HOURS LONG!!)
But it’ll be worth it once I get my degree though!
I’m sure it’ll get better for you once you get medically diagnosed with ADHD. Then, you can get medication that’ll help you focus. Until then, maybe you can make some adjustments. Possibly moving towards the front of class so you can be more engaged with your teachers. Hopefully, they’ll let you record your class sessions as a precaution for you drifting off. That way, you can go back and catch what you missed.

Hopefully this helps,
-Kendall Boults Jr.