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What I did for myself was Marla Cilly’s book, Kitchen Sink Reflections got me started and over the years I adapted it to my life and my home. It was a starting place that helped me develop habits and build them.

Most helpful quotes to me were the following

“Your house didn’t get this way in a day, you can’t fix it in a day”

“You aren’t behind, don’t try to catch up, just jump in where you are.

“Don’t pull out more than you can put away in an hour.”

and most importantly for folks like us

“you can do anything for fifteen minutes”

I’m going to straight up say that the website is kind of a pain because she advirtises all manner of things to buy, from calendars to apps to menu services, but you don’t have to buy them. all you really need is a three ring notebook, some of the smooth shiny page protectors and a dry erase marker, alongside a calendar of your choice.

I set my ‘control journal’ up in you can also use cozi or the flylady app, or really any todo tool on a computer, as long as it has a daily/weekly/monthly repeater.