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Penny Williams

Yep. You definitely need structure. The problem is, when you have ADHD and you’re a procrastinator, it’s super hard to make yourself stick to a schedule and routine. And this has become your norm, making it even harder to change.

My suggestion would be to hire an ADHD Coach. They will keep you on task and accountable, and also teach you strategies that will work for you, as coaching is very individualized.

The ADHD Coach: A Personal Trainer For Your Brain

A therapist can help you work through your fixation on finding a “miracle cure” as well. I’m sure you know cognitively that there isn’t one, but anxiety can do crazy things to our thoughts and motivations.

Motivation for the ADHD brain comes from interest and urgency… not importance. That makes it a real challenge to get things done that aren’t of interest or feeling boring. You know they need to get done, but making it happen is a whole different story.

Let your mom know that you want to do better, but you need her help to create some structure and stick to it. Pick one goal to start with and focus on that.

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