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I have been struggling with the same. Cor worked,Teva-nadda. And I’m getting married in 2 weeks! I can’t get it all done and the pain in my head if relentless. But I’m stuck with Teva. So let me share with you what I did for the last 3 days..
I called the manufacturer Cor. They were so helpful & I encourage ALL of you to do the same as the manufacturer has a responsibility to report adverse reactions to the Drug administration &FDA. DRUG HISTORY: COR was sold to EPIC. EPIC released Adderall in Aug of2018. The Epic rep was so kind and gave me the NDC number to the COR product. Now I’ve been trying to find a Pharmacy that carries EPIC regular Adderall 20mg. However; EPIC Only makes the drug in 5,15,&30 mg. Okay.. I am only finding this brand I keep reading your comments about called Acrdoindo? And of course TEVA. IM FRIGHTENED to try the Acirdoindo based on many of your comments. What to do? I’ve been on the Teva for 30 days and I’m useless and sick. I feel like my head is going to explode. If I change 2weeks before my wedding to the Acirdoindo;am I going to sleep through my wedding? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance..