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Hello everyone, I have been diagnosed about 10 years ago, at the age of 42. Never been married and no children. Die have a few longlasting relationship but single now. Housekeeping has never been my strong point but I did seem to manage when I was living together with a partner. Since I live on my own I find myself struggling with things I can not solve by myself. This has lead to me leaving things as they are so the problems just got worse and worse. So much so I need some advice on what to try and do before I could ask the help I require. I should mention that I already reached out to someone and this was a real dissapointment. I got rediculed and humiliated for months. This made me even feel more anxious about my situation. However I was able to deal with that person because I don’t let others define who I am. I am proud of how far I have come and of the person I am today. But it has made it more difficult to trust others and I realize that I need to be carefull whom to rely on. But first things first and I Still have to tell what this is really about. I have a fridge that isn’t working, there were some creepy crawlies inside and I am too scared to open it and my boiler started leaking, afraid of the costs I would not be able to pay and the mess in my bathroom, I just turned of the water, knowing now that this is not a solution I can maintain for much longer…what can I dö about this. You must have guessed by know I have issues with avoiding certain things that should not be avoided, thus creating even more trouble than there was to begin with…does anyone recognize this and what have they done to resolve this? Suggestions or tips are more than welcome…please can anyone help me