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I honestly feel badly for you, but I can see how you suck people in. And, I can see how they reach a point where they just can’t do it anymore.

Your ex-girlfriend probably does care about you. She might even “love” you, but she wants out. Her problem is not being really clear about it because she probably doesn’t want to hurt you. At some point she will probably make it abundantly clear that she’s done and you need to leave her alone. I know that hurts, but just because you feel like you did everything to make her love you doesn’t cut it. You don’t get to decide whether or not someone wants to be in your life; that’s their choice.

Everything I’ve read from you blames someone or something else. You are not taking any responsibility for your own part in this, but maybe you can’t.

You are obviously charming enough in the beginning to get people involved. You even married and have two children. That didn’t last for some reason, and now you’re onto the next one. I’m not saying that alone is bad, but I have a feeling you aren’t telling us everything.

I also get the feeling that you are looking for an easy out. I can understand trying to find something that makes sense because nothing else has worked. Maybe it’s because you still haven’t figured out that you are the problem.

This makes me sad because I know that there is no one here who is going to be able to help you. Getting into another group isn’t going to help you. Not one of us is qualified to help you. I think you have some mental health issues that require a doctor’s care.

I see that someone here has already offered to PM you. You and I both know that’s not a good idea, but that’s going to be her problem. I truly hope you get help; I don’t wish you any ill will, and I’m sorry you are in so much psychological pain.