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@Kendall Thanks again for the detail. A week after these posts began and I can safely say things have been better this week. I took your advice about clapping and it has seemed to work some of the time 🙂 I also tried not to shout even when I felt frustrated and things got resolved a lot faster as it meant that ADHD had nowhere to hide (when I get angry from having to repeat myself, that usually ends up being seen as the issue), so it looks like things are on the up.

You definitely could go into psychiatry! If you don’t know where to start, I usually start from the end and work backwards from there. I imagine what it’s like to have achieved everything that I want to achieve and then start brainstorming what I’d need from all areas of life to achieve the goal – it could be support, funding, information, etc. Then I find themes from my notes, put a timeframe on key areas of it and it turns into a plan. Or if you need help creating a plan in the first place, get some friends to help out 🙂 Whatever you do, definitely go for psychiatry if it interests you and don’t be afraid to ask different people for help along the way. You can do it!