Reply To: CBD


I have been taking CBD 2x daily for several months now in advance of being able to be prescribed meds. It really grounds me, smooths out the frantic “what am forgetting now???” feelings. I feel no altered or “stoned” feeling, and nothing inhibits my ability to function. Quite the opposite actually.

Details: I am using it in liquid form. I take 50mg (1 dropperful/1 ml) sublingually when I get up in the AM and another after lunch. My preferred brand is Lazarus Naturals high potency. I have also tried NuLeaf, which is also good. (Just so you know – it’s not made from weed; it’s made from hemp so it’s legal to ship anywhere. And has coupon codes that help bring the cost down.)

That’s my experience as at 49 year old. Hope it helps,and happy to say more if you like.