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I ordered Noorcor based on JennyAnne’s post. I am skeptical that she gets good results with one tablet, and that it takes effect so fast. I take the recommended three tablets, and it is usually two hours before I notice any effect. But I do get some relief with this product, just not to the degree that JennyAnne does and certainly far from what Ritalin does. Not surprising, though, because we all have widely varying individual reactions to drugs and supplements. So I add that although Noorcor is not a 100% substitute for Ritalin, it does help with focus and concentration. I add caffeine for enhanced effect. I doubt if there is anything that is a full equivalent to Ritalin, which I can’t get anymore. Doctors have gotten goosey about prescribing it and my bank will not process charges to offshore sources. So we are treated like criminals because we suffer from ADD.