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Hi klb17!

There are wonderful traits that come with AHDD, mostly because of the way our brains are wired. But even ADHD brains are all wired differently, so while we exhibit similar symptoms and have similar traits, the expression of those traits varies significantly with each individual. Not everyone with ADHD is outgoing and bubbly. Not everyone is hyperactive. Many people are much more introverted and dreamy. Some (like me) are a bit of both.

But however your brain exhibits symptoms, know that it does, in fact, gives you an equal number of strengths, too. There’s a balance. Knowing those strengths and using them to your advantage can really help you be successful.

Patience doesn’t really come easily to us ADDers, but know that the more you learn, the more you’ll grow to understand how your brain works, and the more confident you’ll feel in your ability to work with your amazing brain. Our brains will never fit into the box of being neurotypical. Thank goodness. 🙂

Intelligence: ADDers tend to be highly intelligent people. Once we find our place, we have much to offer the world.

Ingenuity: We are creative thinkers. Our brains are good at making connections that others would never have seen. We are inventive and excellent problem solvers.

Observant: Our senses are heightened, and we notice things others won’t. We also can notice mood shifts and details that can be useful.

Memory: We remember random things, key details, with extreme accuracy. (If only we could remember where we put our keys…) 😉

Thoughtful: We can be very insightful. We process the world around us and create deep meaning.

Imaginative: We have an entire inner world that goes on in our heads. It allows us to play out scenarios, draw connections, be creative, set goals, and dream up possibilities. We offer a different perspective to the world.

Compassion: ADDers have big hearts. We feel for others and try to make things better.

Acceptance: We understand what it feels like to be different, so we are generally much more accepting of others who don’t fit in.

Generosity: We need a lot of help, so we are very quick to give help.

Enthusiasm: We tend to be optimists and get excited easily. We enjoy starting new things, and our enthusiasm can be contagious.

Humor: We tend to be funny and love to laugh. We are often quick-witted. We also generally don’t mind being a fool to get a laugh.

Pressure: We excel in high-stress situations. It’s why we procrastinate. We like the rush. Whenever there’s a quick deadline or an emergency, we can be counted on to get things done.

Determination: We are selectively motivated. Our brains will latch onto something and not let go, like an obsession. (binge-watching tv, reading, video games, hobbies, etc.) The key is to learn how to channel that motivation towards something productive.

Courage: It takes courage to show up and try, knowing there’s a good chance we might mess things up. “Sometimes courage is a small voice saying I will try again tomorrow.”

Perseverance: No matter how many times we’ve fallen down, we keep trying. We want to succeed. We never stop trying, even if it just means showing up again.

Also, I know that you are at the beginning of your journey. When you’re shackled by years of incorrect labels, it’s hard to really see the good in yourself. It’s hard to believe it. Now that you have the correct label, it can change the lens through which you view your life. The struggles are not your fault, but they are now your responsibility. The process of learning how to work with your brain (instead of against it) can be life changing. You do get more confidence as you learn to love and accept yourself as you are. I wish the best of luck to you as you find your way. <3

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