Reply To: New Old Person


Thanks for your replies. It is comforting to know that there are other people out there with the same or similar experiences. I have done counseling with both counselors and psychologistsand have worn out all six or seven that I went to. Was told off by one for being rude. Another one also told me off for apparently being rude or getting it wrong. The others were just exhausted. I dont think I could take that at the moment. Something wrong with the situation when I need to be better BEFORE I see a counselor! (that was meant to be funny). Gotta laugh or I would cry!! Just came back from taking my son (who has ASD-what a combination!!) to his club meeting where the ladies who are part of it do not like me. I spend the time very stressed and embarassed. I try to be helpful but because at the beginning I was myself and was hyper and excited one time and said what I thought was just a joke, the ladies have NEVER forgotten and spend their time punishing me – or thats what it feels like. I, for my part, am as quiet as a mouse, barely daring to speak because I might get it wrong again. This is how all my social interactions go. So at present I am hating all my social situations and am very lonely and depressed. What really gets to me is that I see and hear other people do the same as me and they dont get any negative back. Why is that!! People are so confusing!!!