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Ooh, I feel your pain, also had issues with new primary doctor. How did you get the diagnosis in the first place? By a psychiatrist? Can you get refferred back to that psychiatrist? Or maybe your doctor can discuss the diagnosis with that psychiatrist? Or get referred to a new psychiatrist? Behavioral center? What is that? I think your doctor suspects Borderline personality dosorder. I suggest you read up on both diagnoses, go through your life, write down symptoms of ADD that you had etc. Also use the argument that the medication helped you, it would not help Borderline, anyway, people can also have both diagnoses. If doctor suspects abuse, maybe suggest Strattera or Guanfacine, other ADHD meds without abuse potential. A least to show youre willing to try.

The way you describe your problems without Adderal, I feel also indicate that your diagnosis is right ( if you had written that now you are without energy and dont get things done, I could more have thought that your doctor might have had a point)