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Hey, I’m Kendall. Didn’t think I’d come across someone with as similar of a situation as myself. I also am in college, only I’m a 19 year old male with ADHD. LOL. Nice to meet you.
First off, yes those of us with ADHD are HIGHLY spontaneous & creative in our own ways as individuals. Like for example, I REALLY LOVE TO DRAW! I find that I enjoy expressing myself through drawings, as it helps me cope with my ADHD. Any form of art such, as music/painting/drawing etc. is a way of not only expression for us, but also an outlet for the ENDLESS energy that we have.
In terms of the spontaneity, I don’t plan where I’m going sometimes. I can find myself at McDonald’s after class one day, while I had NO intention of going there originally. LOL. It’s fun for me though because it’s TOTALLY random & I enjoy having that freedom (outside of school of course).
You have to find what you’re interested in/what you enjoy doing. Normally, the things you enjoy come natural to you (meaning you don’t have to think about them) you just do them & let your mind go free. cREATIVITY comes from your imagination (as cliche & child-like as this sounds LOL).
A way for you to find the creativity that you’re looking for: Let go. Focus on being in the moment, let your mind go free & do whatever you feel like doing. Whether it’s listening to music, meeting someone new, drawing, eating. WHATEVER IT IS. It can be anything! That’s the beauty of it! WOW, READING THIS BACK, IT SOUNDS LIKE AN ARTICLE!
ADHD DEFINITELY has its positives. I just think you’re trying too hard to find them.
Don’t worry, you’ll find them though.

I hope this helps,
-Kendall Boults Jr.