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Good morning, I just found this site when looking up information on Adderal. Yesterday my husband went to the drug store to pick up my Concerta and was told that Johnson & Johnson will no longer subsidize my prescription. That means that I can change over to the generic and pay $100.00 a month or continue with the Concerta at $200.00 a month. We live on Soc Sec. and I work at a fabric store for min. wage. That’s our only income source. (of course that’s another long story for another time) I’m terrified. I can’t afford to pay that kind of money and will have to discontinue or change my meds. I guess if I collected together all of the supplies and accouterments from my past interests and hobbies and sold them I could afford my medication for another few months.

Yes hobbies and interests. I’m 68 years old and I have more stuff than you can imagine. (No, I guess you can imagine; this is a forum for ADD/ADHD) I’m also dyslexic and taught myself to read after being diagnosed and medicated at age 40. I’m so proud that I can read that I actually have a whole room full of books. Reading is the one thing that I’ve stuck with. I usually read about one book a month; more if they’re small. Last month it was Pillars of the Earth, 1000 pages. People are always telling me that I should switch over to electronic books. No! I like to feel, smell and see all of those books. It’s a real sense of pride. Not to mention that if I look at a screen like that before I try to go to sleep; I can’t go to sleep.

Without Concerta, I can’t stick with anything for more than perhaps an hour. That’s if I can make a decision as what to do. I like to make my own clothing, I make jewelry and just learned to do various patterns of chainmaille, I do viking knitting, acrylic paint pouring, hand embroidery, furniture refinishing, faux finishing on walls, wood working, and gardening. I especially like to create English cottage gardens. When I was younger, I liked to cross country ski in the winter, white water raft in the summer, hiking and camping.

I haven’t had my concerta for two days now and after writing this; I think I need to go take a nap. I should leave the family room anyway. The man is here to look at our furnace. It’s broken. $$$$$$$$$$$$$