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As a mom with adhd and 4 kids with adhd, I’ve seen this trait within me and 2 of my kids. It is related to adhd – fixation and difficulty to let go. Adhd is often combined with anxiety, OCD and other things. One doctor has told us that anxiety is the opposite side of the coin of impulsivity. If you have both, it’s hard to find a balance.
We all take meds. I find that to be helpful. I also like to make lists when I have things going on in my head to get it out. I’ve always seen myself as perceptive and I am to a point. But when I started meds and therapy, I see that I also was missing stuff that came easily to those who are neurotypical.
Sometimes we have to forgive ourselves – trust that we were created as we are for a reason. I’m very open and share about my ADHD. I’ve had great conversations with people because of my honest and open approach- sometimes people I feel conflict with and some that had no one to talk to about their own experiences with it. I look at those of my past and present friend groups and realize that I’m attracted to those who I also suspect have adhd.
My 17yp daughter is also very open. I see that her friend group all has something like adhd, social anxiety and or autism. Some of her friends really like talking to me about it because I’m open, honest and excepting.
I wish you all the best!