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This for Bunny Girl – Please don’t marry him! The problems you have now will only intensify. Yes, you’re living with him now, but there’s still a difference when you make that commitment. I love my husband, but probably wouldn’t have married him if I knew how it would be 3 years into the marriage. We are Christians and know God is helping us to make it, even though it’s hard. I vented a lot in my first post. He is really a good man, just has a lot of issues. I have some too, it’s not all his fault. I get very impatient with him. I tend to look too much at his faults. He will be reevaluated soon at the psychologist’s office, the first one that we liked, not the one he didn’t like. Some of his problems are age related. think about that too, Bunny Girl. When your man gets old with ADHD, you’ll have more to deal with. I say get out while you can and turn to Jesus too. NONADHD Wife