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Dude, I can’t tell you how much I relate to what you said. That’s the disconnect for me with my family when they’re wondering why I keep making the same mistakes over again. To put it simply, to my family it’s as if I’m walking to the door & consistently pulling on it when it says to push, so I can open it (THIS IS HILARIOUS TO ME).

Thanks for the reassurance, I appreciate it. I often forget how young I still am, especially since I’m legally an adult now. I’ve been “behind the 8-ball” my whole life, it wouldn’t have seemed that way in elementary/middle school, b/c I did well. However, from high school up to this point, my ADHD has been exposed & placed under a microscope to where I had no choice but to become aware of it.
I’m so obsessed with how to go about my career right now since I’m in college that it paralyzes me thinking about it so much. I honestly want to make a career out of things like this (my choice is Psychiatry) because I can help people based on what I experienced & what I have to deal with (plus I like science). I just don’t know how to go about making it happen yet.

Anyway, about the medicine, yeah I’m on medication for my ADHD. However, sleep isn’t usually an issue for me, because I don’t need much sleep to get re-energized (and this is WITHOUT the medication). But what I will say is, taking the medication & TRYING TO SLEEP is pretty much impossible since it sends your brain into such a level of hyperactivity that is the equivalent of an 8 year old on a sugar rush LOL.

And yeah I’ve skipped days also, but it was on purpose to gauge how I am ON the meds VS how I am OFF the meds. My main point is, meds DO wear off eventually during the day (unless there effective for 24 hours), so maybe take note of the EXACT time when he takes his meds in the morning and the time they start to wear off & he returns to “normal”. Because going back & forth, taking them & not taking them only makes lives more difficult than they need to be (from my experience). That’ll split your days into certain blocks of time where (once it becomes a habit) you can anticipate when his temperament is going to be a certain way (also when your temperament will be a certain way). That’ll make your lives exponentially easier.