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My heart goes out to you and I can totally empathize with your angst over your son’s academic environment. I am having similar reactions from the teachers of my 4th grade grandson (we are raising him). While he is academically advanced, he has socio-behavioral challenges tied to ADHD and SPD and PTSD. Over this past summer, he attended a summer day camp program for ADHD kids. The most valuable tool they utilized for behavior modification was a Daily Report Card (DRC). The DRC is structured to reward the positive behaviors- and it works! 2 or 3 behaviors are chosen, with a target number. For example, Tommy raises his hand and waits to be called on before speaking, with no more than 5 violations per class period. Teacher marks Yes or No, DRC goes home each day with child, and child is rewarded at home for each Yes. (Child and parent can establish a rewards menu ahead of time). In addition to daily reward, a weekly reward cam also be established for earning a targeted number of Yes’s for the week. You can google Daily Report Card for more information. Challenge is getting teachers on board. It helps if they can see that, the energy they put into this will save them a lot of effort later- as the child’s behavior will improve.