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Hello, I am a special education teacher and have several students with ADHD in my classroom. After reading the posts, I can see both sides of this issue. I can only image how frustrating it must be to not be on the same page with those interacting with your child. As a teacher, I seek parent input on how best to meet the needs of their child. Each child that walks into my classroom is treated as an individual not a group of symptoms. I understand that it can be difficult for a child to pay attention…at times it’s difficult for me and I’m an adult! I will try many ideas to meet the needs of your child but, when it comes down to it, you know your child better than I do. I want the parents of my students to know that we are on the same team so any pointers they can give me are greatly appreciated. I appreciate the parent that is willing to work alongside me to figure out what works best. I would hope that if I am frustrating you as a parent that you would reach out and share your concerns with me. It’s true, not all teachers are equipped to work with children with special needs. Instead of getting frustrated and angry, please reach out to them. For some, it’s hard to ask for help. If the teacher isn’t willing to work with you, talk to the administrator. Maybe another teacher will support your child in a better way. A child’s self-esteem is way too important to hope they get a better teacher next year. Your child needs to know that you will advocate for them. Teaching children with special needs is my passion and it breaks my heart when I have to tell a parent that their child is hitting, kicking, or biting another child. I want to focus on what they are doing right, but I must look out for all of the students in my care. I guess my bottom line is that all teachers and parents are not the same. The only way to solve these problems is with open communication. If you aren’t willing to discuss your concerns with the teacher or administrator, don’t plan on things getting better. Our goal needs to be what is in the best interest of the child. I hope everyone can take a deep breath and start making positive strides to support our kids. As challenging as it can be, we have what it takes to make changes. Keep moving forward and have a great day! Just for the record, I think your child is amazing, creative, and powerful!