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Seriously? Now I take people telling me to give up personally. That’s why some of us feel ostracized & we develop chips on our shoulders because people still just write us off whenever things aren’t going well. People saying “give up” are just too short-sighted to see past the “deficit” of ADHD. I understand that we’re headaches to deal with & I apologize for that. Hell, my mom almost put me out the house because I kept lying so much (this is an indirect ADHD symptom). I would give anything to lose my ADHD because of how it has strained my relationships in the past, but I can’t & I’ve accepted that. I can only minimize the negatives & maximize the positives (yes ADHD has positives too, people). And I can only hope that I’ll find a woman someday who’ll be willing to put up with me & the roller-coaster that ADHD is.

I enjoy helping other people dealing with issues such as these because I can give my perspective & help people feel better about their situations. It’s a good feeling to see the positive energy coming back to me. LOL

But anyway no problem giving you advice. Let me know how it goes. Hopefully it goes well.

-Kendall Boults Jr.