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Wow thank you so much to everyone who has replied and for all the great advice. I”m not sure where to start with replying!

I don’t think I know enough about the subject to know if I really do have ADHD or not. How would I know if it is or is it just that I’m rubbish at being organised? How is it diagnosed? I don’t think I was like this as a child and apart from always being late for family events, I don’t think my wider family have a clue about my struggles with organisation etc. I have never told anyone and my husband just loves me for who I am, thankfully! To be honest my husband is similar to me as well although better at coping with supermarkets!

I have an autoimmune condition which I take some quite heavy duty medication for and for this reason I would be reluctant to take any more meds. I could definitely do with improving my diet though and doing more exercise. Because of my poor planning I do not do well on either of these. When I feel down and overwhelmed with it all I reach for the biscuit tin rather than the fruit bowl! I am also a night owl and like to sit up late into the night browsing websites and attempting to read my self help books, although the next day I can never remember what I’ve read! I like the night time because everyone is in bed and I feel that it is my time to spend (waste) online and I don’t have to feel guilty that the kids are around. Of course I am usually shattered the next morning, struggle getting up for work and am usually late. I envy my work colleague who arrives half an hour early every day looking immaculate with her home made salad and fruit bowl stacked on her desk. Mind you she doesn’t have two children to think of a million things to do for every day. Every day I get at least one email from both schools with some request or other or a date to attend something. It’s like a part time admin job trying to keep,up with it all except I’m not getting paid for it.

My husband is lovely and he does a lot around the house. I work part time so feel that when I am home with the kids in the afternoons i should be getting on with things and keeping everything organised. People probably assume that I am organised as I do have time in the afternoons to do stuff but I just don’t do it! Often I get home from work, pick up kids and en just crash on the sofa with them. I feel tired and overwhelmed so I just sit there with them until I finally get around to putting some kind of meal together. This is where I think perhaps I am just lazy 😟 but I can’t seem to get motivated.

My husband although lovely has just got annoyed with me as he is looking for the sellotape and can’t find it, apparently I had it last. My daughter’s school book has gone missing which too which actually isn’t down to me but it might as well be.

I think one of the main problems is the amount of stuff we have in this house. We can’t find things easily. I am thinking of taking a day off work just to declutter while no one else is here. Do other people find clutter a problem? It makes my head hurt looking at it all.

I am going to go back through all the advice you’ve given me here and make notes in my notebook and see what I can try out. I jut have to remember to look at my notebook!