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Dear Parents,

Please stop putting your very intelligent gifted children with ADD in advanced classes. They are smart enough to realize they are just getting more paperwork and homework than their peers. Why should I have to do more work just because I’m smart?
On the other side of things, I didn’t hate it and just did the work because the constant stream of information allowed me to block out everything else inside my head — including feelings, emotions, and learning the skills needed to problem solve with life challenges. Eventually the feelings and emotions build up and erupt, causing a shame spiral reminding me that I’m just really really different and will always struggle to fit in — then the overwhelming anxiety that causes me to freeze comes.
Life challenges don’t have a clear answer in a textbook. Being smart won’t necessarily help you with that.
I’m 32 and still struggle with how to make decisions when a clear answer isn’t already spelled out for me. And I still know I just don’t fit in, but have made some kind of peace with that as I’ve gotten older.
I just wanted to offer a different perspective in case it helps anyone here.

A Now Grown Up Gifted ADD Child with Anxiety

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