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Hello and congratulations on reaching out! I don’t know about Mexico but the U.S. has a fair amount of treatment options for both substance abuse and ADHD. The difficulty is that the issues do feed off each other. I struggle with addiction to alcohol, caffeine, shopping, on-line surfing,video games, etc, etc. The problems seem to be the worst when I am missing something in my life or trying to fit into others’ descriptions of proper behavior. If money is the issue, you can reach out to 12-step programs, on-line support groups, and civic or local community outreach groups. Take what you can get from the other people, don’t focus on the differences you have from them. Many people in the programs have anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc and use the support to work on their particular problems. No one says you have to buy into EVERYTHING in the groups. I saw much of myself in your story even though there were many differences and my main problem is not drug use. Think of drug use as a symptom of your needs not being met, and sometimes you can work it out for yourself. I try to get rid of the “I should….” attitude and shoot for a middle ground I can live with. I am a 52-year old overweight female with an elderly mom I need to help care for. I am never going to be a beauty queen, be rich, or jet-set around the world. But I am a good person, with a small group of people I can trust, and I like myself. Some days more than others. You are a good person and sound like you’re “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Be kind to yourself. You are worth it, even if just to find peace within yourself.