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Wow, give yourself a break. I relate and also fall into the “not working with kids” category so don’t like to imagine what it would be like if I WAS working. If someone were to ask me what I do since I don’t work it would sound like, “I’m chasing my tail, starting but not finishing, losing things and not hitting the priorities for the needs of myself and my family”.

Before kids, I felt I was a successful person but after kids I felt dysfunctional and incompetent. I can manage my own idiosyncrasies but I can’t do a whole family of people like that.

My only hint about laundry because my kids hate going to school with clothes that smell spoiled by sitting in the washer is I do it one day of week so I can binge-watch TV one day of week and do all the loads in one straight shot. That dedicated day for laundry is between Friday – Sunday and can double as nice family-movie time. The kids never see me watch TV without a warm load of laundry in the midst.

I like binge buying meats and cooking and baking in a long session. I separate MEAT/cooked PLANT PROTEIN into portions and freeze. I make triple batch of a carb – RICE, PASTA, POLENTA, or POTATOES and keep in fridge. I have tons of re-usable containers that have lids and are microwavable. This is how this process works:
1) defrost meat/entree first thing in morning so you have that ready when you get home
2) Pull out a portion of your pre-cooked carb of the day (rice, pasta,…)
3) have seasonal vegetables in fridge and have stocked pantry staples: dried spices, garlic, onion, canned tomatoes, coconut milk, canned beans, canned chiles, etc…)
4) wing the meat with carbo and seasonal veg. as separate items or together with a simple sauce or seasoning.

What I love about the computer is typing in the ingredients with the word “recipe” will return recipes that have the ingredients I have. I’ve gotten some novel recipes doing that kind of search. Over time I feel I’m gaining confidence in “winging” creative combinations of foods without using recipes because that is more flexible but pulling out the 1 -4 sequence really helps me not get caught off guard with no components to make a meal at home.

I appreciate the advice and information people have shared as I benefit from this advice too.

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