Reply To: ADHD or Childhood Anxiety?


Oh boy. I can relate to this topic all too well. I guess from a science perspective anxiety and ADHD are both stem from frontal lobe dysfunction. Time to visit the dr. I know my son had AHDD and also some anxiety as well. Can’t wait until we are done with the bloodwork and set up next MD appt to actually start seeing if Medications can help. Trying essential oils, trying diet modification and yoga to all assist from a holistic standpoint. Really is a struggle for me to help my kid as much as I can w/ school performance but also let him just be a kid and have fun at the same time. I personally have struggled with anxiety and don’t really like how I feel on different meds. Exercise and stress relief are my own key to manage my anxiety in a healthy way. Hope you can get help for your anxiety soon. Can’t wait to get my son the proper help with his ADHD and anxiety as soon as humanly possible.