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I can so completely relate with you.I have two boys with ADHD. They are in 5th and 6th grade. The youngest has some additional issues and has an IEP. The oldest should have had at least a 504 years ago and we are in the process of getting him one.

They recently switched to a STEM school which requires the boys to be organized and on top of homework. Needless to say, that is not their strong suit. I have been going out of my mind (literally) trying to get them caught up. I am literally spending 15-20 hours a week dealing with these microcomplaints, trying to help them organize, trying to help them get homework done, etc.

After having a semi-nervous breakdown last week, I am now setting boundaries around school. School will get 1/2 hour per day per kid. Period. That means no time to respond to nitpicky teacher complaints. I don’t know what these ridiculous teachers expect us to do. THEY are the ones that are there and they need to hand out the consequences. Quit trying to put it back on me. We have done EVERYTHING imaginable to help. At some point, the teachers need to take responsibility and help these kids.

Sorry to vent. This topic struck a nerve! 🙂