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My son is in fourth grade and we have the exact same issues. It’s never positive things; only negative. And it becomes very frustrating and draining. I dont tell my son what is in the book anymore. I talk to him about the things that need to be talked about, and the other stuff I just initial to acknowledge that I’ve seen it.
Reading your post is like reading about my own life. I’ve heard the exact same thing from teachers, EAs and other staff. “he won’t focus”
Um…..ya..I don’t doubt that. Our son is diagnosed ASD, ADHD and ODD. So we do have a different complexity to anger outbursts and defiance. But as a parent it would be wonderful to read some good things amidst all the negative and frustrating things we deal with daily.
“Good job!” Or “Was able to stay focused for a whole job!” Those little things not only make our children feel better, but helps validate all the hard work and heart we put into parenting a child with special needs.
You’re not alone Momma!