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I want to try this and have been wanting to try it for a long long time. One of my symptoms is procrastination and that I dont feel like doing much. Its not depression. I am on effexor for my OCD, which affected my memory and many other things and that pisses me off. But i have to take it for now. I pospone doing the dishes, my room is a mess, i dont really have that motivation to do those things that are good for me. I walk , that is one good thing that i do, and i love it, helps me a lot. But then i just come home and lay in my bed and do nothing. I’ve also impaired my concentration by becoming addicted to my phone and social media (there’s research in this) but i can’t stop. I can’t take amphetamines because i am an addict, so i really would like my doctor who treats my ocd to put me on wellbutrin, heck, i could just go and buy it myself i dont need a script here where i live, but i dont want to self-medicate.

Right now i am on Modafinil, which i asked for to the doctor, and it helps initially but i read a research (thats the bad thing about the internet) that said that it impairs creativity and decreases reaction time, so i dont want to affect my mind more.

Hopefully my doctor will put me on wellbutrin but i dont have an appointment with her untill december. Maybe I will email her.