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Spaceboy 99

Omg, right there with you, Ranma. I’ve had hearing tests three times because the first two my teachers thought I was deaf, and the third one I wanted to make sure I wasn’t.

The sentence I always wind up using is that “I am LISTENING, I just can’t HEAR you”. I actually didn’t so much view it as my hearingb being too acute, but rather that I just can’t block out any external sounds to focus on one thing. It all comes in at once. Additionally, it’s very easy to confuse similar-sounding syllables. I had a housemate who once went to voldemort (Baltimore) and spent some time on terrorists (terraces). Look up Central Auditory Processing Disorder. That’s how I explain my hearing issues, and 80% of people with CAPD have ADHD. I describe it as ‘dyslexia for your ears’.

Anyway, Ranma, you’re not alone. Keep your chin up, and your ears open 😉