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As I also have ADHD (although I am only 19 & don’t have nearly the life experience as you, good sir), I believe that your issue is COMPLETELY ADHD related. I also feel as if I’m just going on auto-pilot most of the time in my life. Although people perceive this as a bad thing, which it seems like you’re doing, the same concept applies here. The feeling that you’re coasting isn’t necessarily a good OR bad thing.

I know I’m restating what you said but it’s for a different reason. Just because you feel like you’re in neutral, doesn’t mean there’s a cause for concern. The feeling of coasting is HUGE for people with ADHD, like you & I, because unlike people without ADHD, our brains are wired to where we need CONSTANT stimulation (new experiences). We don’t get the same excitement from doing the same things over and over again, they become monotonous & we get bored. A solution to this would be to find something that’s interesting to you, that also constantly challenges you so you never lose interest in it. I would suggest you, your girlfriend, & your kids try something NONE of you have EVER done before, but wanted to do, & keep doing it. Just to get everyone involved & give YOU something to look forward to.

I lost interest in Basketball (a sport I’ve enjoyed since I was 2 years old) because school was more of a priority, but I started becoming depressed. I plan to get back involved in it next year, as tryouts have passed for this season. I just learned that I’ll have to balance the two out.

Happy to be-of-help,
Kendall Boults Jr.