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Simple remedy for being overly anxious around crowds, gatherings, etc., especially local, focused gatherings and most especially the more formalized kinds of gatherings, i.e. weddings n’ wakes –get yourself out the door. Even going to the library, a club, belonging to a church class, book reading club, softball team — whatever it takes to get you interested enough to get out of your comfort prison (home) — don’t waste another moment. Grab your coat and flee for your life. Because in getting out and gaining more experience in dealing with exposure to other people who may share the same interests you have, will be your life saver. (I’m not writing about itches to scratch–gripes about how people with ADHD are treated in stores, whatever — but the kinds of things we’d all like to talk about, travel, sports, knitting, hiking — anything to get you out of that comfort prison and into life. I’ve been there, and being retired with no wheels that I can (legally operate since I willingly let my license expire — that part was dumb — because you still need a damn ID to buy your meds, right) — but just get out, out, out, out, and into as many groups or settings as you feel comfortable with as you go along. I used to be heavily involved with politics. Without a license to drive, it’s hard to get around even with a good bus system in my area. But there’s always the phone, a person to pick you up for the gathering and the internet. Just liberate yourself and you’ll be surprised at how much control you can get on your ADHD or whatever else in addition is holding you back. To borrow from a long past expression, Try it you’ll like it.