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Well you’re not alone. I’ve had a few careers. Truck driving lasted the longest, but I hated the hours of service, 12-16 hours a day at work, 5-7 days a week. I lost my 20’s to it, with nothing to show for it. I went back to school and got an allied health degree, but once I had a child I found most employers didn’t want to hire me. I tried to go back to trucking but they wanted me to start over. I’ve been unemployed and a SAHM for 6 years and I felt really lost for a while. I only just recently found a few things I’m passionate about and use this time I have to pursue them. They are not interest that will yield an income, but they bring me fulfillment. A lot of it is athletic training based, which for me brings satisfaction and results based progress that keeps me wanting to continue to see if I can go a little further with it. A lot of ADHD people need to see the fruits of their labor that day or they feel like they are not doing anything worth while. Running gives me that instant feedback I desire in a project. I also figure skate which allows me to both challenge myself and express myself. And it’s totally my “me time”. The drive to the rink is an hour, where I listen to my music and jam out, and then at the rink I focus on my goals for that day. I only go once a week, but I run about 3-4 days a week. Again that’s my me time. I’m totally focusing on myself, and my goals for that run. I’m not worrying about my child’s or husband’s needs. It’s all about me, and I feel so free! It’s also play time.