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Some one just posted about blaming, and then maybe erased the post? I know saying that ADHD is the root cause of my wavering focus sounds like blaming, but I’m really just trying to be aware of the fact that ADHD can derail my focus, or emotional control. If those who reacted before they could think, had been diagnoses with ADHD prior to committing a crime or saying something they regret and had gotten the help and treatment they needed to manage and control the outward expression of ADHD; emotional lability, focus issues, impulse control, would they perhaps had been better equipped to circumvent the very ADHD that was the root cause of their actions?
Yes at the end of the day we only have ourselves to blame for an unfinished project or a word said in reactive quick anger. After all our brain lives in our skull. But if we become aware and honest about the reasons for this, the triggers or the weaknesses, we can then use that info to help manage it and hopefully become the masters of our own destiny and lives.