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I have a suspicion that this will stop now that you’re so keenly aware. And I think you’re spot on with the sympathy. I have an intense craving to connect with others, and sure, what better way than to be like another, by similar experience? So impulsively we join in with the conversation in full agreement and bs before we even register we are doing it. Ha!
I actually stopped this behavior mostly (I swear! Hee!), but I did it all the time in past! I seem to have stopped and started some impulsiveness as soon as I started meditation and mindfulness exercises.
Now, what’s interesting is standing back and seeing what comes next by NOT chiming in. How uncomfortable am I? Can I find another way to be present and bond? Will just listening and smiling or asking “how was that?” be enough? How do I feel? Where’s my hit of oxytocin? What if I don’t connect?
It’s actually very cool. Thanks for sharing this. I love it!