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Thank you all for your comments and yes I have a library of ADHD books 14. I have studied ADHD, tourette syndrome for the past 22 years. I have been told by several counselors and a few doctors that I know more about it then they do. My answer to them was, “how can I help my child, if I don’t know about what is wrong with them.” I was diagnosed soon after my oldest son, he is 27 years old now, he was 5. Since then I have 3 more children 24, 15, and my only daughter 7 years old. What are the odds that all of them have ADHD. Well all 4 of them and myself. It has been a journey and never a dull moment in my household. It was been a joke over the years with family, parents and teachers that I need to write a book. I am seriously considering it.