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Penny Williams

I agree that he’s not getting the supports and understanding he needs, and that’s leading to these extreme outbursts at school. My son has only had one violent outburst in school in 11 years — the year his teacher refused to accommodate him, follow his IEP, adjust standards at all for him, and made it impossible to succeed. When he saw everyone else rewarded with toys and he got nothing, he snapped (4th grade).

I also feel that restraint and punishing his upset is probably making things worse rather than better. Some individuals need to be left alone to calm themselves — the more they’re scolded, talked to, and forced, the more it escalates.

I would formally request a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and resulting Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) from the school (in writing). A behavior specialist needs to be involved. If this has been done, it’s obviously not working and needs to be done again.

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I’m also concerned about the Straterra and/or the Prozac. Both can cause severe behaviors in some individuals. When my sweet, kind boy took Prozac, the turned extremely violent and aggressive. I’ve heard of this happening with Strattera too. The two together have a “monitor closely” warning on interactions. Personally, I’d look at changing medication and trying something completely at this point anyway. Current treatment obviously isn’t successful.

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