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Sam k


This is me all over, throughout my academic and work life (home based business) I have had minimal contact with people. I have zero social life and have a strong avoidant streak. I never realised it was coping mechanism for the ADHD itself. I also don’t want to interact with people at all, I’ve always been socially awkward l, I’ll at ease with people even now at the age of 40 I don’t make meaningful interactions with people. Can’t maintain friendships, everyday exchanges tend to be awkward and superficial (straight to the point). Especially with strangers I can never loosen up and have a laugh.
Just as I am highly intuitive and able to read people, others can also see I’m not comfortable in social situations, I find my self being picked on which can provoke a hostile, angry reaction.
I really clash with cunning, arrogant, abnoxious, condescending people. I just have a strong aversion to certain personalities.
I would love to work a full time job and earn a decent salary but can’t because of my poor interaction with people, I could never be comfortable in an open plan office for example with lots of personalities. Which is why I am self employed and way behind my peers, I earn a pittance, is so frustrating, by the way I don’t have a diagnosis but I’m pretty sure his is what I have after years and years of going round in circles.