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YOu have undoubtedly checked Amazon for books and have a library similar to mine about the subject. I agree that someone who has ADHD/ADD can explain things from a personal perspective.

Dr. Oren Mason, a doctor and ADHD specialist in Grand Rapids, MI, has written Reaching For A New Potential: A Life Guide for Adults with ADD From a Fellow Traveler. (2009) The beginning is about different medications, but the rest of the book is even more valuable with practical advice.

ADDITUDE magazine, in paper as well as available in individual articles sent to your email, is excellent. Articles are regularly written by people who have ADHD/ADD. Topics are written for children, teens, adults, and teachers.

One final suggestion if you are searching for something to learn about emotional/social skill building: The Art of Empathy by Karla McLaren (2013) is scholarly and deep. Reading sections over a period of time and practicing skills in interactions with others is recommended. She explains positive and negative emotions are “gifts” and explains how to act on those emotions properly. She shares, from the experience of being ADHD herself, strategies for choosing the right spouse, keeping close friends, raising your children, and getting through the minefield on the job with boss and coworkers. Excellent. It’s new, and she maintains a blog where she regularly updates her research and theory.