Reply To: Sensory hallucinations


Hi, your little girl is only 8 years old. And these are potent drugs she is taking. I’m a middle aged adult and and Just a childs dose of various adhd meds severely affected my mood and changed my thoughts in a marked negative way. Also for those children and adults who may also be highly sensitive and possibly on an autistic spectrum too, they a’re often highly highly sensitive to medication too.

I would recommend that you book her in to see if mindfulness might help her to focus and be steadier in mood over time and going out into green spaces. Martial arts will help too and other exercise.

Im not saying dont medicate, because a tiny tinydose of a stimulant helps to my surprise! However, please think of other options for your little daughter rather than medication being your first ‘solution’ because you are giving her powerful drugs in reality. I hope that this helps.