Reply To: UK assessment for ADD in adult


I was diagnosed yesterday through the Local Mental Health Trust in the town where I live. I’ve been in therapy for the past 6 weeks and my therapist recommended gaining a GP referral, especially after I told her that the local ADHD centre wanted to charge £1400 for the psychometric tests. The GP I saw was a little cynical; she had only had one previous referral before with a child who was brought in by their parents. She said she would need to review my case to see whether such an action was necessary but to my surprise she referred me. The Psychiatric Doctor and Nurse I saw were very nice and I didn’t feel like I was wasting their time. They were very thorough and efficient reviewing the questionnaires I submitted and asking a lot of questions before coming to a diagnosis of ADD after a five minute deliberation and a one hour interview/talking session.

I have to admit that I’m a little cynical of the diagnosis as I thought there would be more tests or at least more quantitative analysis based on information derived from more abstract controlled metric test rather than just questionnaires. I don’t think my family are convinced either which hasn’t helped. After being a very sure I have ADD after reading articles in Additude and carrying out online tests an I’m not a 100% and I would like more analysis before I start taking medication.

If you are convinced that you have ADHD go and see your new GP, but I wouldn’t go in unprepared. I print out your attempt at a questionnaire or take a list of examples where your behaviour fits the bill for the ADHD. GPs have only limited time and from my experience welcomed supporting evidence and other information to make a decision.