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I used to be a “story stealer”. In other words, I would retell a fascinating story that I’d heard from someone else, but make myself the “star” of the fantastic tale. This works well only if I were telling it to an unrelated person or group from the “original teller”.
Like the original poster said, these type of lies would just blurt out of my mouth for no reason. I guess I just wanted the receipient to like me or be impressed with me. I had done this all my life until recently. I’m 47 now and a pastor, so you can see the major conflict I had been living with! With the help of God and my faith, I have been able to overcome the temptation to do that self-destructive stuff, and I finally realized that I can still tell the ear-burning stories, even with the original participants as the “star”, and still get the dopamine high that accompanies it. And I must admit, there is something refreshing about living a life “in truth” without relying on fantasy to self-promote. I have learned that sometimes, the even greater challenge of telling the truth can be even more “exciting “ than stealing someone’s story.