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Hi there,

You haven’t found any lists of countries which allow or prohibit travel with ADHD medication, because none exists 😉 If the name on the prescription bottle matches the name on your passport, there isn’t a country in the world that will prevent you from having it (or not allow you in, based on that fact).
Chances are they won’t even take the bottle out of your bag to confirm the name, or see what type of medication it is (besides which, it’s highly unlikely that any customs agent outside of the U.S. would even know what Adderall or Dexedrine IS [or whatever your meds happen to be ;-)]
I lived in Venice for 7 years and traveled back & forth between Italy & the U.S. about 8 times per year (as well as regularly visiting Spain / Switzerland / Greece / Czech Republic, etc, etc.) & I was never questioned about my ADD medication at any customs check point (30mg Adderall IR / 180 count).
SO… You’re all good on the travel issue!
NOW, you just need to work on not feeling like a guilty criminal for leaving home with an ADHD diagnosis! 😉