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This is totally me!!! I would spend endless hours mindlessly scrolling despite how much I wanted to do housework or have quality time with my family when visiting and my partner at home. I’ve improved SO much over the last year and this is how:
– Once I internalized how little good Facebook actually did me, I deactivated it. At first, I would instinctively go to the web page and see the log in page instead of my feed. That made me realize how much I auto-navigated to Facebook without really thinking about it. I would Sometimes reactivate and scroll through a bit before checking a few peoples’ pages and realizing it wasn’t really enjoyable at all. Honestly, I “detoxed” multiple times and reactivated it after a few weeks and even months, but now I hardly notice anymore and it honestly has only had a positive impact on my life.

– Screen Time on iPhone has been very helpful! I set certain limits for myself so that once I get past that, I’m notified that I’m over my limit and I know just how long I’ve spent on Instagram, Reddit, etc.

– I use a physical timer like another poster said before. It’s a block that I flip over to start and once it goes off, I have to walk over to where it’s at and reset it. This helps me keep aware of what I’m doing for a few hours. I usually do this every 10-15 minutes while doing house work – that means that if I get off task (which I often do) or end up on my phone, I can only be off task for max 10 minutes before my timer goes off and I ask myself “what am I doing?”

– I ask my partner for help. I tell him that I feel like I use my phone too much and he will remind me of this (if I ask him to) when he sees me doing nothing for long stretches of time. Luckily, he’s sweet and doesn’t make me feel ashamed or guilty. He will also start suggesting reading our new books together before bed, playing a game of Wii, taking the dogs for a walk, etc. if I talk to him about the phone issue.

– This last one is HUGE for me. I bought something called the Kitchen Timer on Amazon. It is a plastic lock box with a timer that goes from a minute to multiple days. If I really can’t get shit done because I’m on my phone, I lock it in the box for 15 minute intervals. It doesn’t make a sound when the box opens. In order to not totally miss an important call/text, I leave my ringer on so I know to check my phone when the box opens. But honestly, this is the best way to give myself a kick in the ass when I’m stuck.

I hope this helps! Don’t get too down on yourself when you can’t fix this right away – you’re trying and that matters! I still fail with this all the time, but overall I feel like I can appreciate the moment more. We all have our issues and you being aware of yours puts you a step ahead of many people.