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I was diagnosed last year at age 57. Once I had the diagnosis, everything started to make sense to me: the failed life that I had lived, my substance abuse, my procrastination, getting fired from jobs, nearly flunking out of college, not being able to finish my Ph.D., the negative self-talk that I was lazy or unmotivated, my homelessness, and even a felony drug conviction. The teachers and therapists had missed the diagnosis all those years (I had taken antidepressants and antianxiety meds, but the real problem as the ADHD and what I really needed was stimulants because that was the condition driving the anxiety and depression).

Now that I understand how my brain is different I have: started medication 3 months ago (I had previously been self-medicating for years with street stimulants); adopted practices to develop the cognitive skills that I need to develop (daily meditation helps immensely); have started working on goals that I have been putting off all my life; have opened up with family members and gained their support; and I am getting the support from the other resources that I need (such as counseling and coaching).

My life has taken a complete turn around. It has been challenging, don’t get me wrong. If I can do it at age 58, you can do it at age 45. Just be glad you caught it now rather than losing 13 more years of your life to ADHD.

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