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Diagnosed with depression and anxiety in my early twenties. Diagnosed with ADD in my early 40s. It became clear, after much therapy that the three diagnoses form a cluster of inter-related sumptoms but the ADD is the primary driver. The comorbidities are amplified by it.

I started therapy actually for depression and anxiety which led to the ADD dagnosis. My GP refused to prescribe Adderall for me and fired me as a patient claiming I was just seeking drugs (I had a history of cocaine use… odd? Not really, self-medicating). I was so traumatized that when I found new GP it took me over a year to ask him to orescribe Adderall.

Finding the right dose took a bit but my wife would tell you that it changed our lives in a very positive way.

The future is bleak only if you do not confront the condition. For me that means meds, frequently reading (ADDitude, et al) about the condition, coping mechanisms (lists lists lists), and just being aware I have these symptoms. I find it useful to hear other people’s qirks because I often see them in myself which then leads to a recognition which I can address. For example, I used to leave doors, drawers, etc open all the time. Not so much anymore because I read another’s account of doing same. So, I guess the short version is… meds and maintenance.

The future is NOT bleak.