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I read the OP, and every neuron in my frontal cortex fired! YES. I’ve always wondered why I do this. It is baffling and uncomfortable. I don’t mean to. It isn’t premeditated, not usually. It’s definitely an impulsive behavior, but I never associated it with my ADHD. In fact, I was only diagnosed a couple of years ago, at age 62. I’ve been different all my life, but I didn’t know why. My youngest son has struggled all his life with severe ADD, and I knew it was the source of many of his problems, but I didn’t know it might be my own dilemma until my older sister’s diagnosis.

I don’t think she lies impulsively, though. I’ve lived with her for the past four years (I have MS, and it’s no longer safe to live alone). I think by now I would noticed inconsistencies if she did. She is incredibly forthright and highly moral. I feel even more like a bad person in present company than I did living independently, and that’s saying a lot. I’ve ALWAYS felt like a bad person for my ADD failures and the inability to always be truthful.

It doesn’t make it any more okay, knowing that other ADD people have a similar control issue, but it does explain why I do this again and again, seemingly in spite of my own self–my own best intentions. I sure do appreciate the courage and the self-honesty that it took to make this post and to participate in it.