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8 to 5, Mon – Fri clinic nurse here. Ditto to everything, ADHDinPGH.

Overstimulated, sensory overload, stressed, constant complaints and conflict and problem solving…I sometimes crawl to Friday.

What I’m doing now: Playing “brown noise” on my computer in the background. Òr get the app. I can’t play stress reducing jams at work but no one notices or questions the brown noise.
Isolate myself on my lunch break–I make it sacred. Total unwind. Phone games or fun or funny youtube vids. Nothing stress inducing.
Get some contact with nature/sunshine/fresh air. A drive, a walk, a bench sit–whatever.
Drinking herbal tea–hot or cold. I’m into chamomile, or even kava on the bad days. Any stress blend will do.
Taking B12. I do 5,000mcg sublingual tabs.
Exercise. Releases stress. I get up @ 4:30 just to make it fit in my sched. I walk my dogs for 30-45min.
I need to get a massage once a month. Maybe a full pedi, too! Gotta dangle some kind of carrot, right.