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The twins have entered a totally new culture. It is difficult enough to deal with being twins, now they are being twins entering into this new atmosphere. You and your husband should not take away his extracurricular activities unless they are interfering with his studies. Are his grades in jeopardy? If the answer is no then he should continue his physical activity. Now for the medication. Sometimes it works, but for children, this should never be the only option. Have you checked on homeopathic remedies? a new pill is never the solution. Someone once told me, the medicine is killing us. The younger the age at which psychotropic meds are started, greater the chance reaching tolerance levels and the medications having to be changed again. What a merry-go-round. Try engaging the twins in Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Get them a role model that has time to spend with them, and answer those all too important questions when they arise. Also, keep the twins appointments with their counselors. Having that professionals engage in talk therapy with your son(s) could be just the solution to you letting go and them removing their latches.