Reply To: 504 plan? – gifted with adhd and mild dyslexia?



First things first. Your son has a dyslexia diagnosis – he should be on an IEP – not a 504. I 504 will not give the support and accommodations required for a dyslexia diagnosis. Medication will have no effect on dyslexia – it’s a learning style.

A high IQ is typical for a dyslexia diagnosis. Fact: Dyslexia and intelligence are NOT connected. As dyslexia is not a matter of low cognitive ability – but rather affects the way information is processed, stored and retrieved, with problems of memory, speed of processing, time perception, organization, and sequencing. Einstein was dyslexic. It’s a gift – I see it as one anyway.

An IEP should be set up for him to include a Multisensory learning program. This is the best solution even if his grades are passing now, as the material difficulty and requirements increase the more difficult school will become – No matter how mild dyslexia is – trust me – this is what happened to me.

As a dyslexic mom of a dyslexic son with ADHD – I got him enrolled into a multi-sensory program. I got much pushback from the school because in my experience some of them do not fully understand the long-term impact. They have a short sited view – he is only a little behind, he is progressing, he just needs to focus more, he is lazy …blah blah blah…until the material gets harder.

I ask my Son how to spell things now – I can’t tell you how much Orton-Gillinghams multi-sensory program helped. I wish I had it growing up.

By the way, there are great tools out there – I type this out with Grammarly installed as a Chrome extension – it’s been a life saver! An IEP will allow him to have such accommodations.

I hope this helps, Good luck!